Commodore Joystick Switch

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The group had a meeting and while playing games, realized it is a pain to switch joystick ports on the back of an SX-64. That got us talking about how annoying it is to switch ports every time you wish to play a game - you never know which port to use.

The group decided to design a joystick port switch that would plug into both port 1 and port 2 at the same time and simply throw a switch to swap ports. The device would still work for 2 joysticks plugged in at the same time, but the switch determines which joystick is in port 1 and which is in port 2.

PDXCUG plans on designing, manufacturing and selling this device to the Commodore community at a reasonable price (yet to be determined). Proceeds from your future purchase will go toward other club projects and activities.

Project Status


Research completed by GeekWithSocialSkills - there is no existing project like this, according to him.


First draft completed 5.26.2010 by MegaWinner

Commodore Joystick Switch Schematic


Prototyping party was a huge success at the August 12 PDXCUG Meeting. See the August 12 Meeting Highlights for more information.


Must have joystick switch!!!!!!

Superb idea! Put me down for one, please.

Keep up the great work :-)

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Project Tasks

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