About Us

PDXCUG is a small group of Commodore enthusiasts, located in the greater Portland, Oregon metropolitan area. We like to share ideas and work on Commodore-related projects together. We are a small group interested primarily in the Commodore 64, but just about any Commodore product appeals to us.

Some of us like SID music, some like to program in assembly language, and others like to build hardware projects. In all, we simply like being involved in something Commodore related.

We have members ranging from Forest Grove to Portland and even spread from California to Washington. If you live in the Portland metro area, we would like to welcome you to join us.


Membership is free and we encourage anyone who has an interest in Commodore computers to attend our meetings. If you are interested, please come on by - the more, the merrier! You can also contact the club admin below if you have any questions.

Contact Us for Any Reason!

If you have a Commodore donation, an idea for a future group project, comments, membership requests, or suggestions, we'd love to hear from you.

PRIVACY: We appreciate your feedback and value your privacy and will not disclose or display the information you provide here.

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